Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing


Professional Detail-A full interior detail with carpet and seat cleaning and shampooing plus engine and exterior wash, tire-wheel cleaning.
• Car/ 2 Door Trucks  – $210.00
• 4 Door Trucks  – $235.00- :note:  truck box will be power washed – additional cleaning extra
• Van, all SUV’s , dually’s  – $250.00

Basic Detail- thorough interior clean (headliner, windows, vents, cup holders, door panels vacuum and an exterior wash.   NO SHAMPOOING  -$95.00 per vehicle

Paint Sealant/Wax  -cars $45.00 larger vehicles $50.00

Carpet OR Seat Shampoo Only (all seats) car/2 door truck$210.00

4 Door truck$235.00-Vans, all SUV’s duallys$130.00

ORANGE SPOTS/BRAKE DUST RUST SPOTS-removal of orange rust dots INCLUDES BASIC DETAIL –  car/2 door truck $150.00.  4 door truck $165.00 – Vans and all SUV’s, dually’s- $185.00

ORANGE SPOTS REMOVAL ‘and’ A PROFESSIONAL DETAIL “Bargain Package’ car 2/door truck-$350.00–                                             Vans, all SUV’S , duallys $385.00


Interior Leather cleaning and Conditioning-$75.00

Carpet Protectant (made specifically for automotive carpets) $85.00


HEADLIGHTS-Buff and Polish headlights while on vehicle ( when possible) $45.00

Remove, Buff, Polish and RE-aim headlights- $85.00

:We ask our customers to please remove all belongings from their vehicles so that we may provide you with a better clean.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

* please look on our coupon page for detailing discounts.

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