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Friends and Neighbors,

While everyone in the community is working to get things back to normal, we want to thank you for your continued support. We know these are difficult times and we want to make your repair process as seamless as possible. We are now offering ‘Online Preliminary Estimates’.

To begin a Preliminary Estimate we need the following photos emailed to us at along with your Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address:

*VIN, Mileage, and License Plate

*Four Corners. (Front from left and right side. Rear from left and right side)

*Left and Right FULL SHOT sides

*Front and Rear FULL SHOTS

*Damaged panel FULL SHOT

*Damaged panel CLOSE UP

*We will also need the name of your Insurance Company and Adjuster contact information.

A Preliminary Estimate is NOT a final estimate for repair and is NOT a binding price agreement. A Preliminary Estimate gives us a reasonable starting point for your estimate but cannot be considered locked and final until one of our Mechanic’s physically see the vehicle in our shop. This is for any parts that may be damaged that we cannot see from photos; under no circumstances will a Final Estimate for Repair be approved without the physical presence of the vehicle.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email us any time!

-Jerry and Vicky Jansen

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